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Welcome to Liberty Wellness. We are David and Fiona Christie, following on from the product results we both achieved, we’ve been Independent Distributors for Herbalife Nutrition for over 19 years.  Our business is based in Glasgow City Centre, Scotland.  We are committed to the nutrition and healthy lifestyle of our customers and communities.  We are also committed to developing a sustainable business for the freedom and financial opportunity of our members and distributors everywhere.

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Our Wellness Training Centre

Our Wellness Training Centre is in the heart of Glasgow, and our network reaches out from there, around the UK.  As a result of our success and growth we have seen business develop in a number of other countries.   From this Centre in Glasgow we introduce people to our product range and provide sampling and ongoing support to achieve the best possible results for each and every customer.  We also provide training and support for all levels of our team combining hands on practical experience training with academic knowledge. Using all communication tools we connect to our team wherever they are.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is to change people’s lives with our fantastic products and our outstanding business opportunity. Through growing and developing our network we will help more and more people to discover Herbalife Nutrition.  As a result they will be able to take advantage of everything on offer, using our Herbalife Nutrition products and joining our team.  We make the world Heathier and Happier through our Products and Business Opportunity!

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Our Blogs

Welcome to Liberty Wellness Blog

All views and opinions are our own, our intention is to be informative and thought provoking but not offensive.  Our thinking is the result of our own experience which we accept is not average. Any references to incomes and earnings is dependent on time and effort spent on the business and is neither automatic nor average.

Lifestyle, financial freedom, control of your time and residual income are all concepts desired by many but enjoyed by few.  We believe these things are definitely available and possible for the many given the right opportunity, environment, support and guidance, self development, self discipline, attitude, focus and action.

Our blog is intended to cast light on where you can find these elements, assuming always that you are actually looking.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts and keep coming back for more!

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