Team Impact

Team Impact

Our mission is to help and support as many people as possible in discovering the possibilities with Herbalife Nutrition. We deliver the nutrition products to consumers through our network of independent distributors, and we use all the available communication tools to work with our team, video conference calls and online tools compliment the one-to-one mentoring calls.   Support is accessible for everyone, and the team locations cover the UK and several countries beyond.

The Leadership

Team Impact is led by a group of career focused leaders, and these leaders work together sharing their skills, personalities and communication styles for the benefit of all members of Team Impact. The business support process begins with ACTIVATION CALLS for new members, includes regular QUICKSTART TRAINING events, monthly HIGH FIVE new member training weeks, BUSINESS LAUNCHES, and is complimented with individual mentoring throughout business development. As a result our team members are trained and developed by the best of the best and our customers enjoy the best possible experience of the “Distributor Difference” support.


Liberty Wellness Herbalife Support

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