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From couch potato to champion cyclist



Prior to Herbalife Nutrition coming into Iain’s life, Iain would have described himself as a “couch potato”. As Iain puts it “I was never really into sport and by the age of 28 I was very overweight and unfit despite my demanding job as a Joiner/Shopfitter. At the end of the working day Iain would typically eat easy food (“lots of sweets and fizzy drinks and very little protein as I am vegetarian”), have a couple of beers and watch the box. Iain was strong but not fit.

The change began when Iain’s wife, our team member Carly MacGregor Grant, decided to become a Herbalife Nutrition Distributor, and Iain agreed to be her first customer.

At that point, Iain didn’t have a grand plan other than happy wife = happy life, and he had no expectation of dramatic results. But the thing is, if you use the products properly, they will do their job whether you believe in them or not. So over a period of time Iain reduced body fat, felt much better and more lively, made changes to his lifestyle, and lost 24kg/59lbs in body weight! His size changed dramatically, and then “my next goal was to get fit” so he started running because he felt the urge to do something active.

Fast forward 6 years from when he started using the products, and Iain was at the London Triathlon event taking part in a relay team as the runner. He liked the look of the bikes he saw that day, and he decided to buy a road bike from the internet. The next year he took part again in a relay team, but this time Iain did the cycle and posted the fastest cycle time of all competitors in the Sprint distance event. The year after that, 2007, Iain says “my next goal was to complete the whole triathlon as an individual” which meant he had to learn to swim! Despite being a bit behind on the swim leg, Iain again excelled on the bike leg and won the bronze medal in a field of over 1300 competitors.

He did many triathlons after that, but swimming was never his thing so he found his way into duathlon and did well enough to represent GB as an age grouper in the World Championships.

But by then he had discovered Time Trialing, a road racing discipline where the competitors go off one at a time. This is where Iain really found his niche, and in his late 30s and early 40s he became a Scottish Time Trial Champion many times over.

But that’s not the end of the story, because you see time trialing has different distances just like running. 10 miles is the short/sprint one, then there’s 25 miles, then 50 miles, then 100 miles. And just like in running, the person who wins in the shorter distances is not the same person who wins in the longer distances. Well in this case, Iain was Scottish Champion at all four distances which is truly remarkable. And for good measure to complete the set he was Scottish Champion in team event as well!

So there we have it, couch potato to champion cyclist, initially losing the weight through using Herbalife Nutrition and changing his lifestyle. And Iain continued to use the Herbalife products throughout and has fuelled his training and competing using the sports range in combination with the standard range of products. He continues to be a great ambassador for the Herbalife Nutrition products and for the support and advice he’s received from Carly all the way through. In his own words “I would never have imagined being able to finish a triathlon never mind win a medal, and to become a Scottish Champion is just unbelievable. My advice to anyone just getting started using the Herbalife products, is use them seriously and you’ll get serious results. If you have a goal, and you go for it, anything is possible, if I can do it you can do it too”.

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