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Liberty Wellness Team

Carly McGregor Grant

Wellness Coach

“I find what I do very purposeful. Helping people to feel great about themselves, seeing them build confidence and go for their goals is very rewarding.”

“I first discovered Herbalife Nutrition over twenty years ago when I was looking for a safe, healthy way to help me get in shape. After that, I wanted to stay in shape and feel great. Now, my goals are all about healthy ageing, I want to keep strong, fit and active as long as possible, and the products give me the nutritional support to do that.

“The thing I enjoy most about my coaching work is the chance to build lasting relationships with people, celebrating their successes every day.

I’m grateful to be able to help my clients develop and progress towards their goals, whilst also investing in my own development to become the best coach and mentor I can be. I’m proud to have earned a place on the Herbalife Global Expansion Team and to have been awarded the Herbalife Lifetime Achievement Award, all whilst working at my own rhythm around my own personal schedule.

“For me to choose a favourite Herbalife product would be like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! But if I had limited luggage space, I’d always take my Mint Chocolate Formula 1, Protein Drink Mix and Original Herbal Beverage (because that’s what I have for breakfast every day, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day), Lemon Protein Bars (because they are better than any chocolate bar you’ll ever eat!) and the Herbal Aloe Soothing Hand & Body Lotion, because it keeps my sensitive skin lovely and soft and hydrated.

“My active lifestyle is important to me: I enjoy fitness classes, yoga, and long walks in the beautiful Scottish countryside near where I live. Family and friends are a big part of my life too, and I enjoy meeting up for a good meal or welcoming people to my home.”

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