Nutrition and coaching to help you live your best life
Liberty Wellness Team

Fiona Christie

Wellness Coach & Mentor

“For me, nutrition isn’t just about weight. Most of all, I love seeing how the right nutrition and support can help people transform their happiness and self-esteem beyond recognition.”

“I discovered Herbalife nutrition when I was suffering from a post-viral episode. My energy was at an all-time low – a feeling that many people can relate to, today. Thanks to Herbalife products and coaching support, I rebuilt my energy and discovered a sense of wellbeing that I’d never felt before. That inspired me to change path in my life. I became a Wellness Coach, to help others experience the same positive transformation that made such a difference for me.

“Coaching is my passion. I am qualified in NLP, life coaching and hypnotherapy. With sixty years of life experiences behind me, not to mention the experience of transforming my own passion into the rewarding and successful business that is Liberty Wellness today, I have a huge amount of understanding, expert knowledge and empathy to offer.

“It’s been over 20 years since I first discovered Herbalife, and I still enjoy the products every day. I see the care and attention that goes into each flavour of each product, and I have total confidence in them .

“If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the Formula 1 shake: a healthy, satisfying meal that I can easily enjoy any time, anywhere.

“Family and friends mean the world to me, and that’s another reason that I love being part of Liberty Wellness: my work gives me the flexibility to support my elderly mum, spend time with my son and three step sons, or enjoy a good, home-cooked meal with friends and family. Outside of work, I enjoy a healthy active lifestyle, exploring Scotland through golf and walking.

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