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All-Star Wellbeing

Get your own wellbeing nutrition programme, tailor made for you. All-Star Wellbeing is ideal if you have specific sports or weight management goals, or particular health or dietary requirements.

21 fully balanced meals complete with snacks & drinks

Your All-Star programme starts with everything that’s included in the Advanced Wellbeing package, complete with 21 tasty meal replacements so that you’re never left without a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal at hand, no matter how busy your day.

We’ll personalise your product with recommendations based around your needs and circumstances, to complete your wellbeing and support your goals.


Get your Personal Programme

Simply complete our Wellbeing Quiz and one of our coaches will contact you with your personalised programme: by email, phone, text or video call.

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A member of our team will be in touch with your personal Herbalife product recommendations, designed around your goals, your lifestyle and your preferences.